Cashyx transforms your paper banknotes into an innovative advertising platform.

With Cashyx you can discover the hidden contents of any banknote in circulation, using your smartphone to visualize its secret messages and receive geo-contextual promos of your interest.

Cashyx is based on the simple statement: a bankonote is by definition the communication artifact between a potential Client and a possible Supplier.

It is functional, pervasive and most importantly does not run the risk of being destroyed. The carried personalized contents of each banknote can easily be contextualized geographically, its location and time, thanks to its idetification through the serial code.

It is therefore possible to combine an added space to each banknote as if it were a supplementary dimension oriented to the insertion of multimedia contents accessible through smartphones in accordance to the Augmented Reality paradigm.

A univocal identification of a banknote allows the fulfillment and supply of services that can be customized as pleased through the (Internet of Things) concept.

By taking a photo of the serial number of a banknote your smartphone aquires its identification. The App interprets and extracs the serial code from a banknote using a specific OCR (a system that reads automatically serial code) that automatically associates the geographical and temporal coordinates of the context and then sends all the information to central platform server.

After receiving the aquired data from the single banknote, the central server selects and delivers contents and services in accordance to the context and the data related to user profile. All customized services and contents are delivered to the App instantly, allowing a user their immediate use!

CASHYX, just flash the cash!


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